Incredible Prophecies

Incredible Prophecies Sermon Illustration

A magician makes their magic trick more impressive by making things more difficult on themselves. He or she will be blindfolded. They’ll have their hands tied behind their back. They’ll have a volunteer from the audience sign their name to a card so they’ll know it’s really the one. All of these obstacles make a successful trick that much more impressive. Throughout time there have been psychics, mystics, and self proclaimed prophets who have announced their predictions of the future. If you look closely at these predictions, you’ll notice just how vague they are. It would be easy to fit any big event into it and claim the prophecy came true.
When God gives insight to Old Testament prophets about who the Messiah is going to be and what He is going to do it’s as if He’s a magician being blindfolded and having His hands tied behind His back. He is very specific. Not just anyone could claim to be the Messiah. This is what makes the story of Jesus so incredible. It’s Him! It’s the Messiah! He fits the prophecies perfectly hundreds of years later.