Inside And Out

Inside and Out Sermon Illustration

In the movie The Dark Knight (directed by Christopher Nolan [Warner Bros., 2008]), the Joker and his goons overtake a police honor guard, tying them up and stealing their uniforms so they can infiltrate a parade and gain access to the mayor of Gotham. Their ruse works until shots ring out and their real identities are revealed. For Christ’s ambassadors, our outward actions and words and our inward thoughts and desires should match. We are ministers of reconciliation. We must remember that we are fighting against sin, not people. This allows us to show grace instead of judgment as God works in and through us in the lives of those who believe differently. We are ambassadors of Christ. Our faith isn’t just a uniform we’ve pilfered to look churchy. If Christ is in us, then we are transformed by him. We don’t need to look like we go to church; we need to be the church. On the flip side, we don’t have to look exactly like the culture to represent Christ to the culture.