Into The Fire

It is simple to talk about faith through the fire, but are we equipping ourselves now with the determination and willingness to advance His Kingdom when the heat is applied.

There are many organizations through the world that are serving amidst devastation and pain. One such organization is the Preemptive Love Coalition. Jeremy Courtney and his family, along with other members of Preemptive Love, have chosen to live in war-torn regions of Iraq and Syria for the long haul. In 2017, after another relentless and deadly attack in Aleppo, Jeremy received a text from one of his ministry partners, letting him know that he had survived. The partner wrote, “I’ll finish my work as planned” ( Where the Spirit guides, He will enable. While you may never face the devastation of war, there is certainly pain in every neighborhood, church, and family. Death, addiction, depression, poverty, and abuse are in every community, including the faith community. May we be as faithful to persevere in finishing the work God planned for us.