Invitation To Wait

When a collegiate athlete is recruited to redshirt for a team, it means that the freshman athlete will have to wait to officially get to be a part of the team by suiting out for games and travel. The redshirt athlete gets to practice with the team and be trained by the coaches, but otherwise must wait to really participate. Because an invitation to redshirt is an invitation to wait, a lot of student athletes might not be enthusiastic initially about such an offer. However, there are several advantages to redshirting, like getting familiar with the team playbook and getting stronger in the weight room. Having an extra year to develop in order to be more effective in the long run can be pretty smart. In fact, “Pittsburgh Steelers running back Le’Veon Bell and Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson were both redshirted in college. …These men are two of the most dynamic players in the NFL, but they had to wait their turn in college before they rose to stardom” (Ashton Henderson, “4 Benefits of Redshirting in College,” July 7, 2015, USA Football [blog]). In a way, David was redshirted when he was anointed by Samuel. He had to train and wait so that when his opportunity to step into the game came, he was ready.

When we wait on the Lord, we can either grumble or choose to be humble. If we humble ourselves before the Lord, he will lift us up in due time and we will be properly prepared for it when he does.