Knowing God’s Will

“Often I am asked, ‘Anne, I have a major decision to make. How can I know if it is in God’s will? In response, I usually begin by explaining that when an airplane comes in to land during the nightthe controller tells the pilot to line up the runway lights. When the lights are kept in a straight line, the pilot can be assured that he is landing in the center of the runway. When you and I are making a decision ‘in the dark,’ we also can line up the ‘runway lights’ that assure us our decision is in the center of God’s will. The four runway lights that I use to determine God’s will in making a decision are: 1. The confirmation of God’s Word, 2. My inner conviction, 3. Practical circumstances, 4. The counsel of godly, mature Christian friends” (Anne Graham Lotz, “How to Seek God’s Guidance,” Decision, February 9, 2003). While we might not get a visible pillar of fire leading us down a road, we can be confident that God will keep his promise to us in his Word, that if we need wisdom about anything, he will give it to us generously (see James 1:5).