“Long Live the Champion”

Persevering in the faith is not easy, especially when circumstances are out of your control. Christian hip-hop artist KB released a song titled “Long Live the Champion.” “Long Live the Champion” is a timely track of hope for marginalized people who are told in the song, ‘La esperanza sigue viva, y hay que seguir luchando,’ (hope is still alive, so keep fighting). The song touches on current cultural issues affecting many Latin Americans, such as harmful attitudes and policies surrounding immigration and Puerto Rico’s devastation after Hurricane Maria. According to KB, the song is ‘a resistance to devaluing those who hail from the “south side,” the global south and places often forgotten’” (Quina Aragon and Maria Lerma, “Long Live the Champion: A Song for the Forgotten,” The Witness, August 17, 2018, https://thewitnessbcc.com/long-live-the-champion-a-song-for-the-forgotten/). Hearing the words “Our God’s here! Keep your head high. Hold on to the promise” is inspiring for all of us.