Material Jealousy

Jealousy can be experienced in any stage of life—certainly in childhood. Can you remember which lunch box you wanted in elementary school? Everyone had the Superman or Wonder Woman lunch box, and you needed one too! Then it was the style of prom dress or first car that needed to be like everyone else’s. In adulthood, jealousy is no less a struggle. We watch people line up for hours before a new iPhone is released, go in debt to purchase the latest car, or spend fortunes on maintaining the perfect lawn. The desire to be as good as the next guy, or better than all the others, is a very heavy piece of baggage that Christ offers to carry for us, exchanging it for his perfect peace. Americans soothe jealousy’s sting by accumulating material goods, often going into debt to prove their worth. This commercial is a light-hearted poke at that tendency: