Mutual Passions

A valuable way to connect with others is to show interest in something they enjoy. This meme is easy to relate to. How often do we feel shut down when we share something we’re excited about, and the other person expresses little or no interest in it? It’s discouraging. But how much closer do you feel to someone who takes an active interest in a passion of yours? Similarly, maybe your child is an athlete. How discouraging is it when you don’t make an effort to show up to the game and give your full support? But how special do they feel when you are there to cheer them on or pick them up after a hard loss? Mutual care is an essential part of connections with others. We show people that we care about them by caring about what they care about. It’s the same with God. By seeking after his heart, we’ll find that his loves become our loves. The chief of God’s loves is his love for his people. So he expects that we will love those around us too.