Navigating Our World

Navigating Our World Sermon Illustration

When you walk in a room in your home, you don’t usually have to think about where the furniture is. Your brain doesn’t have to register each obstacle in the way; your body can just feel your way around a room. But when you add a new piece of furniture, it takes a little while for your body to recognize that things have changed. You might stub your toe on a new coffee table or run into the edge of the couch. If you take a piece of furniture away, your body might take a while before you realize that you don’t have to move around the phantom furniture. In a similar way, we are formed in ways that help us navigate the “furniture” of the world before we even consciously think about it. Our corporate worship and our personal practices can help us navigate the world well, recognizing where to move and what is missing (Kaitlyn Schiess, The Liturgy of Politics, 14).