No Michelin-Star Pastors


Here’s a good illustration of the importance of working alongside fellow believers—especially pastors—for the glory of God: “In the culinary world, earning a Michelin star is the greatest honor for both a restaurant and a chef. Michelin celebrates great achievements in the food industry on a scale of one to three stars. There are many Michelin-star chefs, but there are no Michelin-star waiters. Waiters are important, of course. A good wait staff is vital to making the dining experience enjoyable. They work hard, serve well, and deserve pay for their efforts. In the end, however, they aren’t the chef. … So, pastors, let’s deliver the feast of the gospel to our people each week and let them savor Christ. Only he is the bread of life that can satisfy the confused cravings of our starving world. Let’s humbly seek to serve our people rather than seek to be served by accolades. Remember, there are no Michelin-star pastors” (Cody Wilbanks, “No Michelin Stars for Pastors,” The Gospel Coalition, July 13, 2022,