Our Best Work is Together

person in black long sleeve shirt holding persons hand

Your right hand is only most useful when you also have a left. Although you can
do a lot with only one hand, hands work better when they have a partner. Think
of a few tasks that are easier with two hands and play a game challenging
individuals to accomplish the task with one hand. Try the task again with a
partner, but still using only one hand per person. Time them to see how long it
takes to unwrap a gift, tie a shoe, make a Play-Doh person. Then, allow the
participants to use both hands to complete the same task. Ask questions about
the possibility of accomplishing the task with one hand, with another hand even if
it was unattached, and finally, when using both of their own hands. This will
quickly show how impossible some things are to do alone but also that we are
able to do our best work when we have two hands connected to the same