Our Comforter

Our Comforter Sermon Illustration

The Spirit leads us into truth and comforts us even when we are confused, angry, upset, or struggling with sin. One of the ways to help a baby fall back to sleep is to put your hand on her chest. While she lies in her bassinet and struggles to sleep—whether through the fear of being alone, a scratchy onesie, or gas pressure—she is uncomfortable and requires some form of comfort. Just a hand gently pressed against her chest is enough sometimes to calm her down. She may not be able to see you because her vision is so nearsighted, but she can feel your presence and fall back asleep knowing that you are near. The Spirit acts as a comforter in this same way (Alan Greene, “Touch Is as Important to Infant Health as Eating and Sleeping,” Dr. Greene [blog], January 2, 2016, https://www.drgreene.com/touch-is-as-important-to-infant-health-as-eating-and-sleeping).