Our Good Teacher

Our Good Teacher Sermon Illustration

“Imagine a second-grade teacher commending one of her pupils for a good job on a one-paragraph essay and indicating that the pupil had the aptitude to be a good writer, only to have the student respond by dictating to the teacher all the ways she should teach so as to retain the privilege of training someone with such potential. How presumptuous! One might expect a teacher to be a bit outraged, on the inside at least, when faced with such arrogance and conceit. Yet a good teacher would indulge it and even excuse it in one so young. God is a good teacher, full of patience and grace despite our arrogance and conceit. Dare we interpret small signs of his pleasure with our miniscule endeavors and achievements as indications that he needs us?” (John H. Walton, Genesis, The NIV Application Commentary [Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2001], 574–75). We should not set conditions on our service to God. When we encounter God, we should respond in worship and submission right away.