Our Greatest Failures

Sometimes it takes having our most precious possessions taken from us to gain perspective on what really matters. Back in 2012, Ted Kluck wrote about the imminent fall of cyclist Lance Armstrong after his doping was discovered. The country was learning that Armstrong was leader of “the most sophisticated … successful doping program sport has ever seen.” Kluck commented that his demise reminded us that “God will not be mocked, and that idols eventually fall.” But he also noted that “even though Armstrong will have lost his reputation, his Tour de France victories, his well-cultivated image as a hero, and perhaps even his money, he still has a chance, in Christ, to lose everything. And in doing so, he might gain the most valuable prize of all”. Our greatest failures have the potential to lead us back to God, if we can acknowledge and own them.


Source: Ted Kluck, “Lance Armstrong Has Lost Nearly Everything,” October 12, 2012, https://www.christianitytoday.com/ct/2012/october-web-only/lance-armstrongcycling-idol-loses-everything.html