Our Secure Anchor

Our Secure Anchor Sermon Illustration

We must admit that we need Christ in every way at all times. He is our sure anchor in life’s stormy world. If we hold firm to him, he will carry us through. Wright explains, “We are attached to him as though by a great metal cable. He is there, in the very presence of God, like an anchor. As long as we don’t let go of the cable, we are anchored to the presence of God; all the winds, tides and storms that may come can’t shift us. There is enormous comfort to be had, precisely at such times, in the knowledge that the anchor is ‘secure and solid’ (verse 19). (As I write this, I am very aware of two friends both of whom have lost adult sons this week to sudden and unexplained death; sometimes the storms are overwhelming.) We are not promised that there won’t be any storms; indeed, the provision of a secure anchor implies that there will be. What we are promised is that we will be kept safe” (Wright, Hebrews for Everyone, 66).