Our Trusted Compass

In the article “A Compass Saves the Crew,” Owen Edwards tells the story of a WWII sailor who saved lives when he used a compass found on the ship’s lifeboats, after being hit by a German submarine. Without the compass, they wouldn’t have made it out alive. After sharing this story, hold up a compass in front of your congregation. A compass is used to help you find north at all times, no matter the location you’re in. Having the compass, which we know is always correct, is always going to take you on the correct path. In a similar way, the Word of God can act as a compass, always able to help us know the correct direction. Without the compass, we can suffer heavy consequences.


Source: Owen Edwards, “A Compass Saves the Crew,” Smithsonian Magazine, September 2009, https://www.smithsonianmag.com/smithsonian-institution/a-compass-saves-the-crew-40699276/