Patience Is A Fruit

Patience Sermon Illustration

A recent study of two thousand British people found that our pursuit of more knowledge has made us impatient. The availability of information at our fingertips has made us agitated if we cannot find what we want or need immediately. Patience is a byproduct. In an article about the study on ZDNet, the author writes, tongue in cheek, “The data-driven and congenitally curious might wonder, though, whether these British respondents are really all that impatient at all. You see, in this study, it took an average of 22 seconds for people to express frustration if their TV or computer doesn’t start streaming a movie properly. I don’t know about you, but I’m more of a 6 to 8 seconds sort of human” (Chris Matyszczyk, “Technology Is Making Us More Impatient, Says Study,” ZDNet, September 3, 2019, As a society, we have become impatient. Yet,  patience is a component of God’s Spirit in our lives bearing fruit. When Paul described the fruit of the Spirit to the Galatians, one of the attributes he used was the word “patience.”