People Are The Point

Sometimes before you can get to “the point,” you have to meet the need first. Professor Nathan Alexander did just that when a student arrived, baby in tow, because the father didn’t have childcare.

Alexander offered to hold the baby while he lectured, so the father could listen and take notes (Adam Forgie, “Professor Holds Baby during Entire Lecture for Student Who Couldn’t Find a Babysitter” KUTV, March 4, 2019, In the song “Time Well Wasted,” Brad Paisley reminds us that building a relationship is better than the illusion of productivity ( There is a difference between allowing our lives to be interrupted by the things of God and allowing interruptions of our own making to steal our time. Why are we easily distracted by just one more show on Netflix or scrolling endlessly through Instagram but irritated by a person who needs to talk when we need to get out the door? Jesus showed us that people are a priority, and the believer can model that, even in the busyness of modern life.