Quilted Together by God

gray and green textile

The African American quilt artist Faith Ringgold created her quilt entitled Church
Picnic in 1988 to depict a time of optimism within the African American
community in the first decade of the twentieth century. Within the generations
who gathered for this imagined picnic were both former slaves and children
who’d never known it. It’s a marvelous image of a community called together by
God the Spirit to live in faith and optimism.

Likewise, we express just some of the unity of the Trinity when we find ways to
work and worship in community within our individual churches and between
churches of different Christian traditions. Even the most diverse groups of
Christian churches often find ways to come together to serve their communities
in tangible ways. You may want to lift up a time when your church has been a
part of such an effort or plan a project for the future.