Recognizing An Opportunity

Recognizing An Opportunity Sermon Illustration

The story of Esther is an amazing example of a young woman who wisely took advantage of her resources and influence and, with God’s guidance, used it to help others. Recently, CNN highlighted the story of another young lady who used her connections to help someone in need. Nineteen-year-old Evan Leedy heard the story of an older man who walked twenty-one miles to work every day because he didn’t have a car. Leedy started a GoFundMe page to raise money to buy him a car. Prior to that moment, Leedy and James Robertson were strangers. Leedy used his connections online to help someone he didn’t know (Jethro Mullen and Stephanie Gallman, “Donations Pour in for Detroit Man Who Walks 21 Miles for His Daily Commute,” CNN, updated February 3, 2015,