Responsibility To Make A Difference

The blockbuster film Interstellar (directed by Christopher Nolan [Paramount Pictures, 2014]) is set in a not-so-distant future devastated by global warming, where a global crop blight has led to mass food shortages, and a lack of oxygen in the oceans has made it difficult to breathe. With the earth quickly becoming uninhabitable, a team of explorers must travel across the galaxy to find a new home for the human race. The crew, knowing what the future holds for humanity on earth and knowing that the odds of finding another habitable planet are so utterly stacked against them, could have just waved the white flag and accepted defeat. Instead of becoming paralyzed and lethargic, stricken by a spirit of defeatism, however, the team pushes forward and chooses to try to be a part of the solution. As grim as our current environmental situation may appear, we must also do the same, for we carry a responsibility before God to make a difference and push forward in hope.