Restless In Waiting

There’s a certain restlessness that comes in those times we find ourselves waiting for God’s promises to be fulfilled. In the article, “Hope For Waiting Hearts”, Courtney Doctor talks about her own struggles with waiting. She writes, “I had a horse named Carson who was practically perfect in every way—as long as she was moving. The minute she had to stand still and wait, she would pace back and forth, stomp her feet, and throw her head. I would run back and forth to the tack room to hurry and saddle her because she would create such a restless ruckus. As long as she was moving, she was calm, obedient, and a joy. But when she had to wait, she was a night‘mare.’ Honestly, I empathized with her. I’m not good at waiting either.” She closes her article with these words: “If your hope is set on getting what you want, then you stand the chance of being deeply disappointed, even disillusioned. But if we hope in the One who is utterly good, completely for us, whose Word is sure, and whose ways are perfect, then that hope will never disappoint. So when the trials come and you are called to wait and be patient, wait well by anchoring your hope in the One whose promises are sure and whose character never fails” (Courtney Doctor, “Hope for Waiting Hearts,” The Gospel Coalition, January 26, 2018,