Reward of Knowing Him

In game 5 of the 2017 World Series, the Houston Astros overcame the odds in almost every inning to play one of the most exciting games in baseball history. This video from USA Today captures their ecstatic celebration. This game was epic, but it’s still just a game. How much more do the angels in heaven (and God himself) rejoice and celebrate when a sinner changes their lives and eternity by repenting and coming to faith in Jesus?

God will give us the grace to repent as we trust in him by faith. We are unable to recognize our sin and to truly change direction without God’s help. But he is diligently, patiently, meticulously looking into our hearts to give us the grace to do so. Repenting might seem hard because it means admitting we have been wrong. But the result of a right relationship with God through faith in Jesus Christ is worth it. The reward of knowing him is worth it.