Rules for Life

To illustrate Moses’s unique understanding of the law, highlight some other popular theories or philosophies, both current and past, that explicitly relate to the universal human pursuit of happiness. For instance, in classical Greek philosophy, there were different “schools” that espoused different methods for achieving happiness. These alternative perspectives were known as the eudaimonia (“happiness” or “fulfillment”) schools. Ancient stoicism was one such school. This philosophical movement has made a huge comeback in recent years, becoming quite trendy. Stoicism revolves around a set of rules or principles—an ethical code of conduct ( Stoics believe that if you follow the various maxims of its philosophy, you will be happy and fulfilled. Similarly, but also alternatively, Moses believed that following the rules of God leads to happiness and fulfillment. Like Moses, Christians should view God’s law as a sacred manual designed to guide us to what God defines as the good life.