Saints of Old

In an article for Her.meneutics, Megan Hill shares her experience getting to know older “church ladies,” who have persevered in the church through trials and frustrations. She writes, “Perhaps the ordinary, faithful women in our churches also seem alike because they are so like someone else who is very familiar. They have been made like the one who was continually acquainted with grief, who was tempted in every way without sin, who joyfully did the will of the Father, and who—having loved his own—loved them to the end (Isa. 53:3, Heb. 4:15, John 4:34, John 13:1) In their week-by-week faithfulness, these church ladies have been conformed to the image of Jesus. I want my story to be just like theirs.”

Faithfully attending and participating in church life is one of the best ways to endure in following Jesus and one of the best pictures of what life will be like in heaven. We will be forever united with our Lord and our brothers and sisters, free from the sin that so often wounds each other and keeps up from deeper fellowship.