Serving Others


We need more stories about serving others in our lives. Using crowdsourcing for ideas, Buzzfeed put together a post that included stories about ways people had served readers. One example was from a woman who had moved to a new country with her husband and a new baby. While she was walking with her baby in a stroller, a few miles from her apartment, the stroller tire went flat. She was worried and anxious. She said, “A very nice man was riding his bike and hopped off and said he had a tire repair kit and patched up my tire, inflated it, and even topped up the air in the rest of the tires. It only took him about five minutes and then he just hopped back on his bike and left, but it saved me so much time and stress and I am so grateful still.” This is a great example of serving others (Ali Velez, “These 26 Stories about Strangers Helping People in Need Remind You That Humanity Is Not Doomed,” BuzzFeed, September 9, 2018,