Set Free


Prison is a place a lot of us may feel reluctant to go. But in prison there are many people yearning to be set free, not just legally and physically but from the guilt of their sin. Kairos Prison Ministry has a lot of testimonies on their website about the impact of the ministry, both for the prisoners and for the volunteers who go to share Jesus’s good news. One of these reads: “I am incarcerated at the Hughes Unit in Gatesville, Texas. I am serving a Life Sentence for Murder. I’ve been locked up 19 years. I must do another 21 more years before even being considered for parole. Yet I am already set-free. I’ve never felt so much freedom. A court room judge said I must do a mandatory 40 years. Jesus Christ has set me free” (“Testimonies of Kairos Graduates and Volunteers,” Kairos Prison Ministry, accessed July 19, 2021, That is the amazing possibility that happens when we say yes to God’s call and go somewhere difficult or uncomfortable and share his good news.