In the movie Silence (directed by Martin Scorsese [United Artists, 2016]), a young Catholic priest, Father Rodrigues, wonders why God is silent when there are so many people suffering and dying for their faith. In an effort to save lives, Rodrigues steps on a symbol of his faith. Rodrigues thinks he hears Jesus speaking to him. He tells the priest that it’s okay and that he was never silent but with Rodrigues, sharing in the suffering the whole time ( When the film ends, we see Rodrigues holding a cross and recognize that he never lost his faith, even after all he had gone through. (Note: While this clip is appropriate and a deeply moving, thought-provoking scene, the film itself is rated R. It is also a complex and challenging film dealing with doubt and apostasy. It would probably be wise to familiarize yourself with the film, or the novel upon which it’s based, before sharing this clip with your group, in order to ensure appropriateness for your setting.)