Sin Leads to Sin

Lust is the fuel for pornography, now one of the biggest problems for churchgoing Christians. “Viewing pornography is not a stagnant sin. Sin begets more sin, because our hearts are desperately wicked. We will justify the temptations in our hearts unless we combat them. Rationalization is part of the self-deception of sin. How easily we think, This is not that bad, then soon, Not bad at all. Eventually, we are saying, It is a good thing that I desire. My friend, learn to hate your sin” (Kent Butterfield, “The Pathway from Porn to Adultery,” Desiring God, November 21, 2017).

There is no such thing as a secret sin.  No sin is small, and no sin is secret. God knows all about it. And if we are having to hide something, we shouldn’t be doing it. Sin still creeps its way in, even for those who love God faithfully. If you are playing that exhausting game of hiding and secrecy, give it up today. Expose it. Bring it to light. Turn back to God with an honest heart, and he will forgive you and still use you for his glory.

No matter how good we have been for however long, none of us can meet God’s standard of perfection. God fulfilled his requirement for perfection by sending his own Son to be our perfect sacrifice. Jesus is the only perfect man because he is the only God-man. Jesus’s blameless and sinless status as the Son of God made him the perfect Lamb of God, the final sacrifice, who died for the sins of the world. Because of his right standing with God, Jesus’s death and resurrection allow access into that same relationship and standing with God for all who believe.