Smile, You’re On Camera

No matter where we are, there is always a set of eyes on us, aware of our every move and even our thoughts. Have you ever realized how many times you are photographed and videotaped throughout the day? “An average American citizen can be caught on camera more than 75 times a day. You probably don’t even notice it happening. From your neighbor’s home surveillance, to traffic cameras, to hidden lenses in the office elevator—tracking your whereabouts isn’t hard with the recent advancements in surveillance technology” (“Eyes on You: How Many Times Are You Caught on Surveillance Cameras per Day?,” Crime Feed, Investigation Discovery, February 17, 2015). God has us under an even clearer microscope, and we can’t go back to manipulate the footage! In Psalm 139, David expresses all of the different ways in which the Lord knows him and knows about him. The amount of intimacy the Lord has with David seems to almost overwhelm David’s life, so much so that he asks the question “Where can I flee from your presence?” (Psalm 139:7).