Someone To Love

Someone To Love Sermon Illustration

American pop band Fountains of Wayne has a song called “Someone to Love” that tells a story a lot of people today can identify with. Two adults, post college, are living what many would consider to be “the dream.” They both went to college, got their degree, and then landed a great job. The girl, Beth McKenzie, “got the job of her dreams,” but after work she goes home and just sits there alone, and “there’s something wrong that she can’t describe.” The solution, according to the band, is that they both need to find someone to love. They are alone, and the hole in their life cannot be filled with possessions or a career but only by another person. The song hits on the problem: the things of this world ultimately will not satisfy us in the way we crave. But the solution is not quite on the mark: we do need a relationship, but it isn’t with another person this side of heaven; it’s with Jesus. You can see the music video here.