Spending Wisely

Oftentimes, parents will guide their little children with their purchase decisions. A child may have $1.50 to spend at the dollar store, and the child often doesn’t comprehend the value of the money in their pocket. One thing is certain, though: they’ll make a purchase decision based on what they like at the moment. Their purchase decision seems silly to adults, but to the child, it’s the best thing in the world. With adults, that dollar amount may be significantly increased, but the same process goes on. In both cases, the purchase of choice is based on our desires. We can easily grasp this with finances, but we often don’t see the parallels in the areas of time and resources. We spend time in areas that we feel are important. In all areas, we are to give Jesus our very first priority, but the only way that will ever happen is if he is the center of our thinking.