Starting Something New


Have you ever started something new and felt out of your depth? Whether it’s starting a new job or hobby or beginning at a new school, feeling anxious that we will fail or embarrass ourselves in the process can cripple us from trying something new. According to psychotherapist and counselor Kirsty Taylor, “Learning new things can keep our mind engaged and our body active. It can also boost your self-confidence, and increase your self-esteem as you interact with other people, master something new, and do something out of your comfort zone” (Caroline Butterwick, “How to Embrace Being a Beginner,” Happiful, October 2, 2021, Caroline loved singing and always wanted to take singing lessons. Yet, while she was waiting for her first lesson, nerves and doubt began to creep in as she wondered if she would be a hopeless cause. After dedicating time to hone her voice, however, Caroline found great satisfaction in hearing herself hitting the right notes at the right time as she sang (Butterwick, “How to Embrace Being a Beginner”).