Struggle for Power

After the credits at the end of Marvel’s Thor movie, a hidden scene shows a conversation among Dr. Selvig, Nick Fury, and Loki. In this scene, Fury shows Selvig a new source of energy, the Tesseract, and causes him to wonder how this power can be used for good. Lurking in the shadows of Selvig’s mind is Loki (seen in the mirror to his side), controlling his words and ultimately his actions (directed by Kenneth Branagh [Paramount Home Entertainment, 2011]). The same block of power is seen at the beginning of the Captain America movie, hidden in the wooden wall mural of the tree of life, in a secret drawer hidden behind the serpent’s head (directed by Joe Johnston [Paramount Home Entertainment, 2011], 6:00–7:40). The source of power has been the center of the struggle throughout Marvel’s Universe. We too have the same struggle for power and are often slowly lured into thinking inaccurately about the ultimate source of power.