Submission Is Not…

John Piper says, “I dealt with a couple one time. The wife said he demanded that she get permission to go to the bathroom. … I just looked at him and said, ‘You’re not well. You have an unbelievably distorted view of this fellow heir of the grace of life. You don’t understand the Bible. You’re taking a word like “authority” or “leadership” or “submission,” and then you’re stepping away from the Bible and filling those words up with stuff you want to do. You’re not getting this from the Bible.’” Piper’s article provides a helpful list of what biblical submission is not (John Piper, “Six Things Submission Is Not,” Desiring God, February 26, 2016).

Submission is not about being the wife subservient to the husband or any woman being subservient to any man. It is about the mutual submission of two individuals to each other. In order to do so, the two must be fully submitted to God.