Taking Or Giving Credit


The motion picture Cruella (directed by Craig Gillespie [Walt Disney Pictures, 2021]) tells the origin story of the iconic cartoon villain Cruella de Vil. Before she took the name Cruella and became the villain that everyone knows, she was known as Estella. Estella grew up as a young orphan in London with dreams of becoming a fashion designer. After catching a big break, Estella begins to work for the narcissistic fashion legend Baroness von Hellman, contributing innovative ideas and creative sketches to the famous fashionista. The problem is that the Baroness begins to claim these designs as her own, taking credit for Estella’s work. In contrast to the self-serving Baroness, in verses 29–31 in Matthew chapter 15, Jesus doesn’t try to steal the glory or take the credit from the Father. Instead, in humility, he allows the Father to receive all the glory and honor for all the miraculous healings that are performed—giving us an example to follow.