The Community of Communion

In a dispatch for The Local Church, Derek Rishmawy reflects on how the Lord’s Supper is a rehearsal dinner for the ultimate wedding feast with the Lamb of God. He writes, “It’s the meal where we currently commune with Jesus through the power of the Spirit—he meets us mysteriously in the bread and the wine. Yet as we meet with him, we’re reminded that our time with him face to face is still yet to come. It’s the sort of presence that makes us more palpably aware of his absence. In that sense, the Lord’s Supper is the meal that feeds us in order to leave us hungry for more. It’s the foretaste that sharpens our longing to experience the living God in the human face of Jesus.”

The Lord’s Supper not only reminds us of what Christ has done for us but the future glory of our lives with him. The community we share around communion also serves to strengthen the church as we remember him together.