The Danger of Burnout

An article in the Wall Street Journal warns that there is an epidemic of doctors burning out that eventually causes situations that harm the people they are supposed to be helping. They share how it would be “noted that more than half of U.S. physicians exhibited signs of burnout, a syndrome marked by a high degree of emotional exhaustion … and a low sense of personal accomplishment. The paper cited links between doctors’ disaffection and the care they gave patients, with studies suggesting ‘a significant effect on quality and risk of malpractice suits.’” The doctors themselves would have often given the very advice to others that they themselves are not able to follow through with. In the same way, we often know that our life with God should not be performative, but we can sometimes take the shortcut because of being preoccupied with others’ opinions rather than wanting to be faithful toward God from the heart outward (Lucetta Lagnado, “Hospitals Address Widespread Doctor Burnout,” Wall Street Journal, June 9, 2018,