The Marriage Premium

Christianity Today spoke with a sociology professor, Bradford Wilcox, and his colleagues about a study titled, “The Cohabitation-Go-Round: Cohabitation and Family Instability Across the Globe.” The study found that children were more often than not negatively affected by cohabiting parents, regardless of class or education level, specifically in the stability of the family. The study also found that a widespread acceptance of cohabitation in one culture did not make it as stable as marriage.

Later in the interview, Wilcox said, “Marriage is an important source of human and financial capital for kids. Kids who are raised in stable married homes in the developing world are more likely be flourishing, and stable families are also associated with better social and health outcomes.”

Though we know from God’s Word the importance of marriage, it’s always affirming to see its positive effects studied and replicated all over the globe in every type of situation. God’s design for marriage reflects His love for the Church and is one of many ways the gospel can displayed to all who witness a godly marriage.