The Prodigal Returns

A recent episode of the podcast Invisibilia covered a story of how one small Danish town responded to young Muslim men leaving to go join ISIS in Syria. Instead of condemning the young men and describing them as terrorists, two police officers declared that they were welcome to come back and when they did, they would be connected to several resources that would help them re-integrate into Danish culture and make them feel more at home. Out of 34 boys who left the town, 18 have come back and been connected with by the police officers, as well as hundreds of other from the rest of Denmark.

These Danish police officers “flipped the script” when it came to handling young men who were trying to join ISIS. They welcomed them when many would have rejected them, and even knowing that they were possibly involved with terrorist activity while in Syria. They extended a courageous and confident grace to them instead of punishing them. Our sin is not a mystery to God—he knows and sees it all. But because of Christ dying in our place and receiving him in faith, we are forgiven and can live in light of his marvelous grace.