The Shepherd’s Voice

In a guest blog post for Christianity Today, Carol Pipes wrote, “Sheep get a bad rap for their flock mentality, but God created them with an instinct to stick together as a means of survival. That instinct allows the lambs to flourish. Even sheep that are introduced to a new flock will follow the other sheep until they too recognize the shepherd.
I think that’s a great picture of discipleship. As disciple-makers, we help others learn to recognize the voice of our Savior. The body of Christ is like that flock of sheep. We bring along non-believers and new believers, walk beside them, lead them, teach them, and always point them to Jesus.”

God is our shepherd but we often forget how to follow after him, especially when we are led by our sin and flesh. The body of Christ serves to remind each other of who he is and how to live after him.