The Spirit of Adoption

The Holy Spirit is called “the Spirit of adoption” in the Bible. Steve Weaver talks about the nature of adoption in the first century as more than just a childless family (as today) choosing a child: “That’s a wonderful picture, but there’s more to our adoption as sons of God than this. In the first century an adopted son was a son who was deliberately chosen by his adoptive father to continue his name and inherit his estate. He was not in the least way inferior in status to a natural born son. But our adoption is even better than that. In the first century an adoptive father could only give an adopted son his name and inheritance. But the Spirit of Adoption gives believers a new nature! And this new nature results in a heart-cry, “Abba, Father!” (Steve Weaver, “The Spirit of Adoption” [sermon, Farmdale Baptist Church, Frankfort, KY, August 2, 2009].