Trained For Godliness

Trained For Godliness Sermon Illustration

We want to be changed to follow God’s way of living. That transformation comes through being trained (discipled) in his ways. If you’ve ever played baseball, you had a coach who taught you how to hold a bat. When you stepped up to the plate, the coach would say “Hold your bat like this,” or “Bend your head this way and stand like this.” The coach guided you in the nuance of the sport, training you in the right way to play and positioning your body in the correct stance. God’s Word “trains” us in right living. We aren’t just told what not to do, but what we should do instead. Paul even says a believer should “train yourself for godliness,” adding that “while bodily training is of some value, godliness is of value in every way” (1 Timothy 4:7–8).