We’re All Equal Here

In an article on a general overview of the Lord’s Supper, John Armstrong gives a brief story showing how Communion brings all to the same standing before God during it. It is an important way to recognize that one of the formative ways God uses to help us have unity is through the Lord’s Supper. “The social implications of the meal are illustrated radically in a story about the Duke of Wellington. After his defeat of Napoleon at the Battle of Waterloo, the British general attended a small church where he came forward and knelt down to receive Communion. An old man in tattered clothes knelt beside him. A deacon approached the old man, placed his hand on the man’s shoulder, and whispered for him to keep his distance from the duke. Overhearing this, the duke immediately clasped the old man’s hand and told him, ‘Don’t move—we’re all equal here’” (John H. Armstrong, “Table Manners: Why We Take Communion Every Week,” Christianity Today, September 12, 2014, https://www.christianitytoday.com/ct/2014/september/table-manners-why-wetake-communion-everyweek.html?share=ipMWw8NQTtDq1mG83w5jzcQwwAxG%2fGm%2f).