What We Deserve

We do not live in a culture that elevates self-denial. Most often we are told we “deserve” to indulge, to be happy, to put ourselves first. The very first McDonald’s television advertising campaign was centered on the slogan “You deserve a break today!” (Scott Hume, “McDonald’s Drops Rights to ‘You Deserve a Break,’” Huffpost, November 11, 2014). Lent reminds us that as believers we are told specifically to deny ourselves and take up our cross daily (Luke 9:23), just as Jesus did while he walked in his humanity. Repentance does not give us a free pass on the break we “deserve” for trying to walk in obedience. Lent reminds us that suffering, self-sacrifice, and costly obedience are on the pathway to glory. No, we don’t have to self-martyr in the name of Christ, but we do need to keep our lives focused on the reality of faithful obedience and discipleship