Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing

There have been false miracles before Jesus’s time on earth and especially after his ascension. Even churches that begin faithful to the gospel can be corrupted by reports of false miracles. Christianity Today reported a story in summer 2016 about the Kenyan government’s attempt to crack down on false pastors who reported miracles and healings and then abandoning the effort when it was contested by other religious leaders:

“The deeper problem is not supply but demand, said Paul Karanja of Christ Is the Answer Ministries. He actually doesn’t object to Kenya’s ‘false prophets.’ ‘They were there even in the Old Testament,’ he said, referring to Jeremiah 29. ‘Jesus and the apostles also prophesied about them in the New Testament.’ He is more concerned with the people who chase miracle-workers. ‘What we are looking for today are quick fixes to our problems,’ he said. ‘Therefore, the “man of God” who appears empowered to give us [such fixes] becomes the most sought after by the masses. This unfortunately veils people to see even outright lies as miracles.’”– Tom Osanjo, “Kenya’s Crackdown on Fake Pastors Stymied by Real Ones”

We must always be discerning and vigilant about the teaching we receive.


Source: http://www.christianitytoday.com/ct/2016/june/kenya-crackdown-fake-pastors-stymied-real-ones.html