A Bad Rap

There are a lot of characters in movies and television shows who have unjustly received a bad rap over the years. One of the greatest examples in recent times is Skyler White, the much-maligned wife of Walter White from the hit series Breaking Bad (created by Vince Gilligan, AMC, 2008–13). From the perspective of many devoted fans of the show, Skyler is seen as a detriment and an impediment both to Walter’s plans and to the overall story arc of the series. This evaluation is probably a bit unfair, however, as any reasonable viewer might be inclined to ask: “What person wouldn’t try to dissuade their spouse from mass-producing methamphetamine for the Mexican drug cartel?” With this in mind, like Skyler White from Breaking Bad, Thomas, the disparaged disciple of Jesus, often unfairly gets a bad rap.