Swing for the Fences

In order to help illustrate the mercurial nature of Peter, refer to famous hitters in baseball who either strikeout or hit a homerun seemingly every time they step into the batter’s box: “If a batter hits 47–48 homers a season, he’s going for the fences, right? And if he’s going for the fences, he’s going to strike out a lot, right? Well, yes, and no. In the case of Willie Stargell in 1971, he led the league with 48 homers and 154 strikeouts. Henry Aaron was second in roundtrippers with 47. However, Aaron fanned only 58 times, which is further confirmation that he had one of his best seasons ever in 1971” (L. Robert Davids, “Home Runs vs. Strikeouts,” Society for American Baseball Research, accessed December 5, 2023, https://sabr.org/journal/article/home-runs-vs-strikeouts/). Peter, like most of us, was a Willie Stargell–type figure! He was either “hit or miss”!