A Beautiful Book

The historic Belgic Confession says the entire universe has been set before our eyes “like a beautiful book in which all creatures, great and small, are as letters to make us ponder the invisible things of God” (article 2, Belgic Confession). This is the point that Romans 1 and Psalm 19 make: the universe provides us with a testimony to the existence of God. But not just the existence of God but his very nature. We can learn about God’s character through the way in which this world was created and is governed. When we observe our surroundings, we should be encouraged and grow closer to God. When we see the stars or hear thunder, we are reminded of God’s power (Genesis 1:16; Job 37:4). Or when we’re walking through the woods, we remember God’s intentional creation of plants (Genesis 1:29). Or when we hear the birds sweetly singing, we remember God’s provision and so trust that he will so provide for us as well (Matthew 6:26). This is what the hymn “How Great Thou Art” celebrates: we have a good God who made this world, and in our experience and enjoyment of this world, we can rejoice in who God is.