A Celebration Of Love

A Celebration Of Love Sermon Illustration

The next time you attend a wedding ceremony, actually focus on what is happening. This is a celebration! The people have come together to celebrate the love of the bride and the groom! And their celebration is not just focused on the present moment, but the future of the bride and the groom. For some of them, they are even celebrating events in their own lives that this wedding feast reminds them of. A lot of times, when you go to a wedding, you can get caught up in a conversation at your table or be lost in thought about how good the food was, or how much the venue must have cost, or other such details. And sometimes you miss what is happening right before your eyes: the love of two people is being celebrated! Likewise, a lot of times you can come to church and get caught up in conversations with others or the duties and responsibilities you signed up for that Sunday and miss what is happening at church: a celebration of love. The love that Jesus has for his bride, the church.